Grateful Dog Walkers Story

The Grateful Dog Walkers is a premium dog care company currently servicing amazing dogs around Baltimore, MD. After a lifetime of being loved relentlessly by our dogs, we decided it was time to reciprocate this love back to our furry friends.  The founders of the company have over 30 years of working the pet industry and pet rescues. Our promise to our customers is to show the same level of love to our dogs as they show to us. We strive to offer unique and unparalleled services and experiences that both you and your dog(s) will love!

Services & Partnerships: Our SERVICES include dog walks, dog hikes, recreational and hydrotherapy swimming for dogs, dog boarding, dog bathing, dog birthday parties, and are open to our customers ideas of how else we can make their dogs happiest (and tired)! We are focused on improving your dogs obedience and well-being, and have certified trainers on our staff that can help teach and reinforce behavioral obedience practices We also partner with PET DEPOT in Timonium, and will deliver all of your goods from the store when we walk your dog!  We pride ourselves in offering premium pet services that you won’t find anywhere else in Baltimore (or anywhere else in the world, really!)

Giving Back: Additionally, with the help of our customers, we’re dedicated to improving Baltimore, and have committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to local non-profits: including the WIDESPREAD HOPE FOUNDATIONBARCS, & RECYCLED LOVE to progress the things we are passionate about in our community – our pets and music.

Grateful Dog Walkers

Fully insured and bonded.