Swim and Bath

$60 for transport and help with swim

$50 for bath at Pet Depot

We’re happy to pick up your dog and take them to Pet Depot to utilize their state-of-the art pool and self-service dog washing stations.  This service can be added to any plan drop-in walk, adventure hike, house-sitting, boarding, or as a stand-alone service.  Please call us to discuss this option so we can design a custom package for you based on you and your dogs needs. 

3 Dogs Swimming in a Pool
Wet Dog Bath

Dog Swim and Bath Frequently Asked Questions

Swims are done at Pet Depot and booked in 15 minute increments. During those 15 minute nobody else is in the pool area! Just like for adventure hikes, we pick your dog up, take them to Pet Depot and drop them off after their swim!

The same way as swims! Pet Depot has 9 self service dog wash stalls for us to use at all times!

The pool is strictly for the dogs! Unfortunately no humans allowed.

The dog pool at our facility is 4 feet deep.

All dogs must wear a life jacket their first time, after that they aren’t required to wear one!

Fully insured and bonded.