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Our dog boarding takes place in a home setting, making us confident it is by far the comfiest and coziest way for your pup to spend time away from their forever family! Dog boarding takes place at the Grateful Dog House and all rules that you have at home for your four legged family member we will adhere to during their stay. Your pup won’t be stuck in a crate like most commercial dog boarding facilities.  They will be hanging around the house

We also limit the number of dogs that stay at the house to ensure a comfortable experience, so we encourage you to book in advance.  Your dog will have snuggle time, movie time, etc! We offer an environment that is sure to be up to their standards and if not more comfortable! We offer an environment that is sure to be up to their standards of a comfortable home while you’re away.  We’ll feed your dog on their normal schedule and will be prepared to address any special instructions (medicine given, places in the house they like to stay, etc.)

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Dog Boarding Frequently Asked Questions

Just food is all that is required!  Feel free to bring any of their favorite treats or toys.  We can also provide toys and treats from Pet Depot if you’d like us to grab something from the store for your dog The cost of goods will just be added to your service bill.

Drop off is before 9am, and pick up is after 4pm!  We can be flexible and work with you if these times don’t work.

The dogs are always supervised unless we are out with other pups! In that case we make sure every dog is safe and secured. 

$80 at the Grateful Dog House

Yes, please check out our house sitting page for more information.  

Yes, there will likely be other dogs boarding at the same time.  We’ll perform a behavioral interview to make sure all dogs are ok being around other dogs.

Yes! Dog walks are included in the cost of dog boarding.  We’ll take your dog out throughout the day and send photos to the owners! It is important to us that you have the peace of mind while you are away from your pup, to see that he is enjoying his stay with Grateful Dog Walkers.

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