Adventure Hikes

Whether it’s a pack hike or one-on-one bonding, these adventure hikes ARE a blast!  What a great way for your dog to be out in nature, exploring, and socializing! Adventure Hikes often include trail walking, swimming, field runs, etc! The hikes typically range anywhere from 1-4 miles long with breaks along the way! 

We believe this is truly one of the best ways for the four legged members of our GDW family to spend an afternoon! Hiking beautiful trails, getting great exercise, and socializing with other dogs is the perfect way for your dog to spend it’s day.  This is also one of our favorite services that we offer as we get to see how much happiness it brings to our dogs.  We guarantee your dog will be happy and very tired after spending an adventure hike with us!

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Adventure Hike Frequently Asked Questions

All over! Our favorite spots are Loch Raven, Oregon Ridge, NCR Trail, and Cromwell Valley.

A Grateful Dog Walker’s Adventure Hike typically lasts between 1-3 hours. The time of the Adventure Hike may vary depending on how many dogs are in our pack for that day.

At certain locations we enjoy off leash hikes and its always after at least one hike on the leash. We want to understand how your dog will react to the environment we are in and for them to feel comfortable around the other dogs. Once they are acclimated we will let your dog off the leash to enjoy the full experience of the Adventure Hike.

Adventure Hikes are $55 per 1-3 hour hike, usually with a pack.

Fully insured and bonded.