Dog Wellness

The well being of dogs is something that we’ve been working on for over 28 years within our family at Pet Depot. Ranging from diet, supplies, behavioral training, therapy, recreational activeness, to the overall love for every dog. 

We’ve invested in procuring the highest grade products from around the world to improve the overall health of dogs.  We take a holistic approach to ensure the best lifes for our dogs and are passionate about improving their physical and emotional wellbeing.   We’re happy to consult 1:1 with you to learn more about you and your dog, and make recommendations to improve their overall wellbeing.  Additionally, we have professionally certified trainers on our staff who are also eager to help you!

Pet Depot has 7,500 square foot facility featuring a full service retail store, a state of the art hydrotherapy pool, an award winning on-site obedience training center, nine self service dog grooming stations and more.  We’ll happily deliver any supplies from Pet Depot at no additional costs, and provide services where we will take your dog to Pet Depot for a bath and/or a swim.

Just a few of the areas we have extensive experience:

  • Dog Training & Obedience at any age
  • Dog Socialization
  • Finding the best food, toys, and treats for your dog
  • Specific Behavioral needs/adjustments
  • Dietary recommendations 
  • Skin health & allergy remedies
  • Dog Temperament


Dog Wellness Frequently Asked Questions

Grain free is not meant to be for every dog’s diet, however at times may be a safer and more nutritional option for your dog!

Raw is becoming more and more of a popular diet, as it is full of different nutritional benefits as well as being the most natural and usual preferred diet for our pups!

CBD is known to be a natural alternative for several medicines and treatments related to pain, anxiety, and overall health.

Whether it is for therapy or for recreation, swimming can be one of the best and most effective forms of exercise for your dog.

Depending on size, a puppy can usually switch to adult food in between 6-12 months. Some larger breeds may want to avoid puppy food altogether.

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