Jimmy Lyons


Jimmy grew up surrounded by all kinds of pets, ranging from pigs to dogs, and spent over ten years working at the family store, Pet Depot. Jimmy grew up in Baltimore and attended Loyola Blakefield in Towson and graduated from the University of Maryland. He learned about the proper way to care for his pets at a very young age, and is able to leverage the knowledge he gained from working at Pet Depot to create unique premium pet care services that will ensure our customers dogs are the happiest ones around!

Pets have been a huge part of his life and happiness. His love for animals, especially dogs, became the passion that drove Jimmy to want to reciprocate the love and create the Grateful Dog Walkers. Jimmy currently lives in San Francisco with his dog Zoe and works in Business Development for Google. Although he doesn’t perform the walks,  he helps ensure that we are creating the absolute best service for our customers.